A Closer Look at Spring 2013, Part III: South Africa, Ghana, Morocco

In the final part of this three-part series, we take a look at our upcoming Spring trips in Africa! From a game drive safari in South Africa to the rolling dunes of the Sahara Desert, GCT travelers are leaving their mark.

South Africa

Talk about a #bucketlist… it’s not complete without an African safari at Kruger National Park. You may be asking, “What makes GCT’s safari different? Why Kruger rather than another park closer to Cape Town? Someone mentioned a cheaper safari down the road…” Stop right there. Although we could go on and on, we’ll give you 3 quick reasons:

  1. Guides. We have the best in the entire park, hands down. Featured on YouTube’s famous “Battle at Kruger,” our guides are some of the most well-respected and experienced in the industry. Not only do they know how to find the animals (and everything about them) but also throughout the trip they’ll be cooking delicious South African meals for you!
  2. Authenticity. We use small vehicles during the day so we can venture off the beaten path—areas larger vehicles can’t get into. Furthermore, we plan a bush walk so you can get out of the vehicle and go eye-to-eye with animals you’ve only seen in Lion King. Then, a night drive so you get to see lions, hyenas, and hippos at times they’re most likely to be on the move. To top it off, you’ll stay at lodges inside Kruger, near a watering hole, so you can hear the animals at night. This is the best of the best, from start to finish!
  3. Kruger, is Kruger. There truly is no substitute in the surrounding area that would deliver an experience like Kruger’s. We tell students all the time: If you can’t swing Kruger for whatever reason, don’t try to substitute it with a cheaper safari. This itinerary is what we believe to be the ideal, most genuine time spent in the area. So you can know with certainty: #bucketlistchecked.


Experiencing Ghana is all about experiencing the people! Our trip heads away from Accra to western Ghana for a few days at the must-see location, a little history, and a whole lot of culture. We’ll visit local schools and meet villages of people who are just as interested in you as you are in them. We’ll take a humbling trip to the Cape Coast to see some of the earliest castles and dungeons of the world’s slave trade. We’ll canoe through the marsh to reach a village built completely on stilts. We’ll try—big emphasis on try—to dance and drum like the locals. We’ll walk across canopies of the region’s lush Kakum Rainforest, hundreds of feet in the air. Ghanaian food, well, maybe not our favorite… but we’re not hiding it from you! Jamming Shakira’s “This is Africa” is optional, but recommended at least once during the trip.


If you’ve been browsing our website for more than a couple of minutes, you couldn’t help but see some of the stunning Morocco photos from previous groups. Many students who make their way to Morocco have aspirations of doing a camel trek in the desert, perhaps mainly for a picture and the right to say, “I rode a camel in the Saraha.” Although without a doubt that’s pretty neat, what’s even more unique, in addition to riding camels through the desert (which we do!), is the opportunity to camp out under the stars in the middle of nowhere. Our head guides will drive deep into the Sahara to our base camp, where we’ll be surrounded by 300-foot rolling sand dunes, where the sky is clearer than you’ve ever seen, and the sand is untouched for miles around you. Authentic food, amazing local guides, and hookah and tea under the stars… a GCT favorite.

Don’t see what you’re looking for in these itineraries? Dates don’t work for you? Want to plan something for just yourself and a few friends? Shoot us an email and we’ll work to customize something that fits exactly what you had in mind.

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